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"The value you bring to children and young people is incredible. Creative and critical thinking and design thinking are really important 21st Century skills. Our society needs more creators!"

Dr Bronwen Wade


Block42's unique STEAM-based and gamification approach to learning allows students to apply Maths, Science, English, Technology, Arts, Engineering in an engaging and controlled environment. Block42 has used for project-based learning in 20 schools.


By integrating Block42, teachers can help increase:

  • Students' Future Employability

  • Gender Equality in STEAM

  • Students' Collaboration

  • Students' Critical and Creative thinking

  • Students' problem-solving skills

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 About Us 

Existing professional 3D software used for rapid prototyping, storytelling and visualisation is difficult to learn and to use. Using gamification features and cloud service, Block42 has developed easy to use, collaborative and cost-effective 3D engine to democratise 3D designs. 
Being passionate about equipping school-aged children with the skills of the future, the Block42 team has launched their 3D platform to engage both girls and boys in STEAM learning while increasing their 21st and 22nd century learning capacity for future employability. Block42 has been adopted by multiple schools and educational institutes in APAC regions to teach students 3D digital literacy, design thinking and teamwork.

 Our Services 

Block42 is available to download on computer or portable devices using free access with limited features and premium access with unlimited features.

We run online and offline workshops to students between ages 8 and 18. We also provide NESA endorsed professional training to K-12 teachers to learn how to use Block42 platform, how to integrates Block42 as an ICT tool using knowledge of curriculum to make selected content relevant and meaningful and engage students particularly in ICT, Media Arts, and STEAM project-based learning.






  • Ex- investor

  • Ex- Hedge Fund Analyst at a Hegde Fund with $100 billion AUM

  • Ex- Alternative Investment Analyst at a bank with €416 Billion AUM 

  • Passionate about Mediatech and education





  • Top 5% Australian Back-End Developer with 10 Years’ experience

  • 8 Years’ Entrepreneur Experience in the Entertainment industry

  • Passionate about game development


Christian McFarlane


  • Top 5% Australian Front-End Software Engine Developer

  • Consistent R&D on innovative features development

  • 5 Years’ Entrepreneur Experience in the Entertainment industry

  • Passionate about product development and game design




Art Director

  • Ex-professional artist at Animal Logic Studio

  • Ex-animation director at SBS

  • 8 Years’ Entrepreneur Experience in the Entertainment industry

  • Passionate about arts 

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