Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Block42 STEAM Education curriculum alignment with NESA

On the 7th of June, Block42 participated #EduTech pitch competition invited by #EduGrowth. We were so impressed by what the big companies are doing in the Education space. There is so much attention in #STEAM #education because the whole society is aware of the urgency of nurturing innovative and creative problem solvers for the future workforce.

Amongst all, we clearly see Block42's competitive advantage in its super user-friendly #3DAnimation feature. We are the only one who is able to integrate STEAM subjects in Animation making/modelling. We are aligning the courses with curriculum.

On the 11th of June, Block42 met with #NESA. Block42 is recognised as a #toolkit which has a lot of potentials to contribute to the school #pilots as well as the modern education for its #digital nature and the fact that we promote active learning and peer learning. We were encouraged to challenge and push the boundary of the traditional form of education.

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