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Code Venture x Block42 Workshops

Kids, Take a break from #Video #Games! Looking for exciting experience to occupy your time during #Easter Holiday?

#Code #Venture is Coming Up and Filling Up!

Check out the link here:

Sign up Block42 #3D #animation workshops and other workshops with Code Venture Online Program now!

Time: 3pm-6pm 16 April; 3pm-6pm 23 April

Programas available:

Engibears Age 5+ Picture Books for Engineering, Agile Development, Project Management. Themes of Resilience, Organisation, Diversity. (Australian Made) Primo Cubetto Age 5+ Programming Robot (Visual Programming)

Ozobot Age 5+ Programming Robot (Visual Programming)

Code Combat Age 8+ Programing Game (JavaScript and Python) Ozaria Age 8+ Programming Adventure Game (JavaScript and Python) Block 42 Age 8+ 3D Design Tools

Donkey Cars -> Will be showing online simulator Age 15+ Self Driving Robots (Intermediate Python, Electronics, 3D Printing)

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