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Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Block42 was invited to speak at UTS. CEO, Brian, shared with Multimedia Students specialising in Game Development what is like working in the real industry. Closing the gap between #Education and industries is one our top missions. Today, half of employees in a game studio are 3D Animators and this number keeps growing. Brian also mentioned that 3D is widely applied in the industries such as #Filming, Chemical #Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, #Construction, #Architecture, Biotechnology, Digital #Design. The programming skills and design thinking students can acquire from their courses will become their competitive advantage when they enter the workforce in the future. We would like to provide ambitious and dedicated students with working experience at Block42.

We are also looking for opportunities to work with universities on their innovation program, helping startups to prototype and #3D #Print.

We also participated at #WesternSydneyUniversity #DemoDay. Brian pitched to 150 people including the senior managers of their innovation programs. We were inspired by the speeches and were super impressed by the strategic plans for #WesternSydney development. It is a real blessing for us to be in Launch Pad located in Western Sydney, to witness, and to contribute to the great changes. Technology definitely can empower people.

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