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💖Sharing is Caring!💖Build v1.0.9 release

💖Sharing is Caring!💖

  • This release is for you creators, who want to show off your voxel prowess to everyone!

  • We've added user profiles! Now you, (and your followers), can see everything you've published and uploaded to the Block42-iverse. In-turn you can search through other users' profiles, to get your creative juices flowing. 🎨

  • Does Searching sound like too much work for you? Well, we also big-brained that one, so we added link sharing! Just publish a creation to your profile, and we give you a handy dandy shareable link. This link will send anyone straight into Block42 to view! 🚀We really are living in the future!🚀

General Overall

  • Added user profiles! Keeps a record of all assets published on Block42, which can be looked through and searched.

  • Made it easier to find creators through published assets.

  • Added Shareable links when assets are published. Which leads other users into the app to view and modify.

  • 🌏 Updates to localization and languages support

  • Fixed incorrect tooltips throughout the app.


  • Added FBX export support to Block42. Now you can throw your stages into Maya, Blender, Unity or Unreal. Do the thing! 🤓

Custom Fields

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