If you are an ICT, Media Arts or STEAM teacher who is looking for a new digital tool, sign up for 3D design and animation workshops with Block 42. We provide a 2-hour school incursion for free to show you how to use Block42 3D design and animation tool to engage students, foster creativity and encourage design thinking in ICT, Arts and STEAM classes.

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We provide half-day or whole-day training to primary and secondary school teachers and after-school teachers to learn how to use Block 42 3D design and animation tool, plan a lesson that integrates Block42 as an ICT tool using knowledge of curriculum to make selected content relevant and meaningful, and engage both female and male students particularly in ICT, Media Arts, and STEAM learning.





Looking for project plans or lesson plans? Use Block42 3D design and animation tool to bring fun to the project and engage your students!

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Michael Burden

Leader of Information Literacy and InnovationSt Clare's College

The girls at my school can use them for our "Space Project Cities on Mars"! Girls are not scared of using asoftware like Block42. It is fantastic!

 Russell Cairns

Microsoft Innovative Innovator Expert; STEAM Coach & Digital Technologies Teacher K8 at NSW Department of Education 

You have a superstar product! Kids at my school are loving it! It certainly makes it easier for me to teach that we had you to support in the first couple of classes. My kids are so engaged and collaborative in the classes now.

Dr Bronwen Wade

STEAM Ahead Australia

The value you bring to children and young people is incredible. Creative and critical thinking, and design thinking are really important 21 st Century skills. Our society needs more creators!