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Updated: Jul 2, 2019

#Block42 had the privilege to deliver a whole day #3D #Animation #workshop to 120 K-6 students at MariaReginaCatholicSchool on 1st July. Dr Bronwen Wade, the founder and director of #STEAMAheadAustralia who brings her academic expertise and 30+ years of teaching experience across primary, high school, and tertiary education, invited us to her partner Primary School as part of her #STEAM education research. Please check out her website for more information.

Recycled dioramas for the animals from recycled rubbish (Science & Design)

Our Top 3 big achievements on the day:

1. 100% Engagement rate and Gender Equity

2. Peer Learning and Team Work

3. STEAM integration and Active Learning

Kid A:"Can you please write down your name so I can download on mum's laptop at home?"

Kid B:"Are you coming back next week?"

We were super impressed by how intelligent and switched-on the kids are. They are great with the advanced technology and having a lot of potentials.

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