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How much longer should you wait?

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

We are at the tipping point of the fourth industrial revolution, the future workforce is looking for people who have STEM skills and creative problem solvers.

Hi, it is very lovely to meet you.

It was a pleasure for #Block42 to exhibit at #CitySchoolCareerConvention. The event was organised by #SparkFestival on 3rd June and host at #SydneyGrammarSchool. The participants are #parents and #youngpeople from schools in the City including The #ConservatoriumHighSchool, #StAndrew's, #StMary'sCathedralSchool, Sydney Grammar School, #SCEGGS and others. 

Let's meet CEO of #Fishburners and CEO of #Ribit, who both are in the Start-up area. We had very deep and meaningful conversations.

Young people today are so lucky to have many various job opportunities in the new economy. But the #FourthIndustrialRevolution will also bring uncertainty. It is obvious that creative and productive problem solvers who have a strong background in STEM will be in a great demand. STEAM learning should be promoted harder to the students at schools so that they can be well prepared for the #futureworkforce. The early they prepare themselves the better!

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