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In the beginning

So we've been making mobile games for a 5 years - hating every single bit of it.

We started with a strong passion towards gaming, we want to make a game that is so awesome, that everyone will love to play! Back in 2013, we made a game call Go2School:

Without any production experience, we turned an amazing concept to a "Homer's Car": it has every feature, that might or might not work, that also quite ugly to look at. Of course, we didn't made any money. It was that bad!

And then we changed, we joined the evil force, putting a lot of ads and micro-transaction in our games. The company survived, but we are not happy.

So is there a way that players and developers can be friends? Could both make a profit while developing/playing the game without ads, micro-transaction, DLC, loot boxes?

In a way we believe crypto-currency is the answer.

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